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Parent Literacy Academy

We believe that parents are their child's first teacher.

We believe that when there is a strong home/school connection, everybody wins.

We believe that foundational literacy skills are learned over time, with multiple exposures using simple yet highly effective strategies.

Who Is This For?

This is for families who want to support their child's literacy development.

  We will explore:

  • brain development

  • the difference between thinking and learning

  • specific learning challenges

  • simple things you can do daily that don't require extra time or resources

  • ways to support literacy that your children enjoy

  • strategies that target all children in your home regardless of age

Reading Together

What's Included?

Three self-paced modules that you can view based on your family's schedule.  

Module 1  The Reading Brain: Let's explore exactly how our brains are wired for literacy acquisition

Module 2  Beyond Reading Books:  Now that we understand the science of our brains, let's look at literacy activities for the whole family

Module 3  Let's Bring It All Together: Now it's time to make it fun!  Let's bring back a love of reading and use it to connect our families and make our kiddos more successful at school!

Plus a few EXTRAS!

How Much Does It Cost?

You'll receive over 2 hours of content related to supporting your child in their reading and writing development.  Each course will be available for three months of unlimited viewing.  You will also receive an Amazon link to our recommended games and products so that everything is in one place.  If you choose the second option, you will also receive one-time access to our virtual "Office Hours" where we can discuss any specific challenges or questions you may have about your child/children.  These will be 30-minute sessions.

Option 1: $69   Course Only   

Option 2: $119  Course Plus 30-minute Office Hour Session

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