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Welcome to Equitable Literacy where our focus is on supporting elementary teachers and accelerating student learning through professional development and coaching focused on highly-effective instruction with a streamlined, integrated approach

rooted in research. 

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In the Classroom


All students have capacity for literacy acquisition.

Students have different needs related to learning. 

Schools should be extraordinary places of learning and growth, not stagnant places where both teachers and students are burning out.

High-impact instructional strategies can be used with any curriculum.

A high-quality curriculum is just the beginning of high-impact instruction.

Evidence-based instructional strategies are simple to implement once we understand them.

By focusing on these streamlined, integrated, evidence-based strategies, students' learning will accelerate up to twice the traditional rate.

Core Beliefs
What We Do

What we do
It's elementary, my dear...we solve problems.

The Problem(s)

  • Overall Student Performance Down

  • Achievement Gap Widening

  • Students Missing Key Foundations

  • Teacher Burnout

Empty Classroom

The Solution

Educators don't need one more PD. They need evidence-based solutions for their students and their own burnout.  We focus on accelerated student learning using best practices of explicit, systematic strategies that help teachers get back to their love of teaching.

Let's Partner Together

How We Do It
We combine highly-effective instruction with a streamlined, integrated approach rooted in research.


We Build a Foundation

We go back to basics and focus on how and where literacy (reading and writing) acquisition takes place. We look at:

  • Brain Function

  • The Reading Brain

  • The Role of Oral Language

  • The Difference Between Thinking and Learning

  • Where Reading and Writing Happen in the Brain

  • The Intrinsic Reciprocity of the Receptive (listening/reading) and Expressive (speaking/writing)


Add Instructional Acumen
Once we understand HOW our students learn, we begin to look at highly-effective instructional strategies that can be used with any curriculum such as:

  • Scaffolding for Differentiation
  • The Role and Impact of Feedback
  • Orthographic Mapping of HFW
  • The Role of Assessments and Data Collection for Progress Monitoring
  • The Value of Integrating Instruction


Troubleshoot and Customize
Here we will look at what your team really needs. Some common needs we have seen include:

  • What The Science of Reading Really Is

  • Integrated Writing Instruction

  • High-Impact Vocabulary Instruction

  • Metacognitive Comprehension Strategies

  • Explicit Phonics and Word Study Instruction


Bringing everything together through coaching, teacher enjoy higher satisfaction and students learn at an accelerated rate towards proficiency and mastery of grade-level literacy skills. Our coaching models include:

  • Directive Coaching

  • Collaborative Coaching

  • Establishing Model Classrooms

Our approach
Meet the team

Meet The Team


Rebecca Mead

As an attorney, Rebecca began her education career as a passion project.  Throughout her 15 years in education, Rebecca has worked in Title 1 schools, magnet programs and charter schools at the elementary and secondary levels. Her past positions include classroom teacher, lead teacher, instructional coach, literacy coach, technology coordinator, district reading coach, state reading specialist, and Executive Director of Just Read, Florida! Rebecca co-wrote the Common Core-based Florida Standards Implementation Guide and served as one of the primary authors of Florida's BEST standards. She has a set of grown twins and a mischievous cat named At.  Most of Rebecca's time is spent in working with stakeholders to find ways to improve literacy instruction as experienced by students.


Shannon Dodd

A native Floridian, Shannon was born with a passion for education.  She was the one who played school and dreamed of becoming a classroom teacher.  She taught first through fourth grade before leaving the classroom. Shannon went on as an Intervention Coordinator at the Florida Center for Reading Research, and then as a Reading Specialist with Just Read, Florida! at the Florida Department of Education. Shannon believes all students have the capacity for language and literacy acquisition. She is especially passionate about early literacy, brain development, determining/filling reading gaps, and reaching marginalized students. Shannon is married with two grown children. She loves to travel, and is enthusiastic about all things coffee.

Why choose us
Professional Attending a Seminar

Why Our PD?

Simply put, because it is about YOU! Using a Workshop Model, we focus on what you need most. Our experience and expertise will deliver to your team exactly what they need. This will yield higher acceleration of student learning and greater job satisfaction for your teachers. You don't need just another PD session for you or your team.  You need something IMPACTFUL and IMPLEMENTABLE!

All Hands In

Why Include Coaching?

Research supports that coaching is one of the most effective ways to support professional development.  Coaching improves cohesiveness between teachers and administrators, improves instruction, and increases student achievement. Compare that with the statistics we have on "one and done" PD, and we know that including coaching increases the overall effectiveness of long-term impact and implementation. 


***88% of schools that receive our PD request a proposal for follow-up coaching/PD

Open Books

Amazing PD.  In recent memory, none has been finer. You were very patient and gave clear explanations.

Open Books

The support Shannon and Rebecca have given to our school has been phenomenal and increased our ability to implement the new standards with success.

Open Books

 Shannon and Rebecca, you are both so knowledgeable .You have managed to make data and research feel warm and fuzzy, which is no small feat! :)

Open Books

This training was perfect for us.  Very relevant and useful.

A ton of new knowledge!  Lots of "take backs" for my classroom.

Open Books

Great Ideas! I am going to use the Power of 20 and Give Me 5 tomorrow!

Thank you for such a positive and informative day.

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